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  • 2021 Telling the story of Observatory through heritage and memorialisation
2021 Telling the story of Observatory through heritage and memorialisation

OBSID has put out a call for a partner to work on the design and development of a blueprint (or road map) for an unfolding “living history” of Observatory, utilising a holistic, dialectical approach, underpinned by an inclusive consultation and collaborative process.

It’s hoped that this project brings Obs’ living history to life for the general public. This ‘living history” is aimed at becoming a foundation and catalyst for an evolving interpretation of where Observatory is today and to inform how the future could be co-created.

Process is paramount for achieving the desired outcome – and a central aspect of the process is community and stakeholder participation in identifying commemorative cultural and educational events and/or memorialisation opportunities.

Project update – July 2021:

A working group comprising members from both the OBSID Board as well as the Observatory Civic Association’s Management Committee undertook a rigorous assessment process of submissions following a public call for proposals and their recommendation as to a partner was accepted by the OBSID Board.

Contracting discussions are far advanced with the preferred project partner and it is anticipated that this project will be completed by early November 2021. More updates will follow.

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