Covid-19 and those living on the streets

Prior to the lockdown being announced, OBSID had activated plans to provide services to those living on the streets whilst the City of Cape Town developed and implemented relevant interventions.

Whilst acknowledging the enormous strain that the Covid-19 pandemic has placed on the City of Cape Town’s departments and functions and the resultant pressure teams have been placed under to ensure compliance with the National Disaster Management Regulations in an ever-changing environment, we similarly felt the strain as our rate payers and community members continuously turned to us for answers on the City’s strategy, implementation plans and approaches during this crisis.

Much has been learnt during the first 3 weeks of the lockdown, but lots of points of clarity remain unclear.

We’ve written to the Executive Mayor of the City of Cape Town as well as relevant Mayco members for clarity on some issues, offering our insights into further planning processes and indicating our willingness to work together with the community and the City during this difficult time.

Please click this link to read the full submission:OBSID – communication to City of Cape Town 14_Apr_2020.



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