Tell us what you think about public spaces in Observatory

At the AGM held in late November 2017, the members of the OBSID voted for surplus funding to be set aside for public spaces projects during 2018.

The ideas put forward included improving the vendor stands and finding storage solutions for their wares, the installation of benches and an outdoor gym as well as activations focussed on the subways.

Recently, we received the good news that the City of Cape Town is funding an outdoor gym on the banks of the Liesbeek, extending from Alma Road in Rosebank into Observatory – soon the community will have somewhere to gather, exercise, socialise whilst enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

The Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is a non-profit planning, design and educational organization dedicated to helping people create and sustain public spaces that build stronger communities.

Their free to use online resource guide “Placemaking – what if we built our cities around places?” has been a great guide for the public spaces project being launched by the OBSID.

We’ve rolled over funding into the new financial year, allowing us time to develop a public spaces plan – with inputs from members, the wider community (including commuters and employees of businesses in the area), partner organisations and other bodies.

The OBSID will be engaging with the community on this project, and will be looking for historical perspective, valuable insights into how the area functions, and a better understanding of issues and concerns related to the spaces under discussion.  We hope to help to create a sense of community ownership in the project.

This engagement starts now – click here  to complete the OBSID public spaces survey.

We’ll also be out on the streets and in the shops and businesses asking passersby and users of the various spaces for their input and views.  We’ll be talking to the members of the OBSID as well as reaching out to our community partners, the OCA and the ONW, to gather as many different views as we can.

Once the inputs are analysed, we’ll be forming working groups to assist us in taking the ideas and making them a reality.  Please contact Amanda Kirk at the OBSID office if you’d like to get involved.