It’s time to talk about public spaces in Observatory…

In the past few years OBSID has consolidated its core functions around cleaning and safety.

The organisation is now better equipped and capacitated to explore projects that enhance the value and use of public space in ways that support OBSID’s work on cleaning and urban management, social issues and public safety and include business / economic support, as well as arts, sports, heritage and culture.

We’ve contracted Marcela Guerrero Casas (ex-Open Streets Cape Town) to work with us on:

  • Defining the scope of possible public space interventions as per OBSID’S mission and core functionalities;
  • Developing a process through which OBSID will engage directly with the improvement of public space;
  • Facilitating the provision of support to individuals and organisations to implement actions that improve public space in the neighbourhood;
  • Making OBSID’s decision-making processes in support of ideas for the improvement of public space in Obs as transparent as possible.

We’re also collaborating with the Observatory Civic Association and other interested parties to consolidate our efforts for maximum impact.

Aware of the devastating impact COVID-19 is having in our neighbourhood in terms of our social fabric and our local economy, we believe this is the time to have a conversation about public spaces in Observatory.

Small businesses in Observatory have been particularly overwhelmed by Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdown measures. OBSID is committed to supporting the recovery of those businesses and to encourage local economic development.

Aware that a successful effort to support the local economy will require multi-stakeholder engagement, OBSID is working to establish what is the most appropriate and effective way to provide support in this regard.

Bouncing back from this crisis will depend on us maximising what we already have, and public space can help us energise our neighbourhood by amplifying the power of the diversity, history and creativity which characterise our neighbourhood.

We invite you to take part in re-thinking public space by completing this survey and helping us distribute it far and wide. We are particularly eager to hear from those who are seldom part of these conversations. We invite you to reach out to a neighbour, a colleague or anyone you know in your area who may not receive communication from OBSID.

We look forward to working with you and to bringing some of these ideas to life!

You’ll find the survey here:

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