OBSID in February 2022

Working to make places for people

February 2022 was a busy month for the OBSID team.  Read on to see what we’ve been up to:


Public safety:

We noted a crime spike on one weekend in February 2022, with multiple incidents reported.

Our biggest challenge in the community relates to the high number of proactive actions we’re needing to take to keep the community safe.  A proactive action is when the OBSID public safety team has to stop patrols to notify people of possible safety risks – such as visible valuables left in cars or open gates at properties.

Each one of these has the potential to turn into a crime incident, so it’s important that we take action but it does take us away from visibility patrols.  It’s equally important that the community takes action too – we need everyone to take more care of their belongings, be situationally aware and report anything suspicious to our control room.


Urban management:

Our team works even days a week to keep the streets and public spaces clean and tidy.  You can help us by not littering, by not dumping your household refuse in the street and by only putting your bins out on collection days.


Social development:

Our new Social Development Programme Coordinator, Vuyo Mbala, joined us on the 14th February 2022.

Our social development programme includes outreach, case management, referrals and access to sheltered work opportunities for vulnerable people in our community – with a major focus being on working with our informally housed community to help them make different decisions about their lives.


We hope you enjoyed this update!  You’re welcome to get in touch with us if you have any questions, comments or compliments.  You can reach us on 021 448 7090 or info@obsid.org.za.


Our 24 hour control room number is 01 447 1066 nd you can also reach the control room via WhatsApp on 074 636 9933.


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