Talking about public spaces in Observatory – your views

Our thanks to everyone who participated in the online survey about public space in Obs.

We’ve summarised the information collected in the infographics below.  We’re still collating feedback from businesses and people living on the streets in order to complete a final report.

Special thanks to the Obs Civic Association for their support and help distributing the survey far and wide.

The survey highlighted some real challenges in Obs to ensure public spaces are safe and welcoming to all.

Covid-19 has had a negative impact in our neighbourhood and some of this is most evident with the increase of people living on the streets, the closing down of businesses and the decrease in the number of people using public spaces.

Nevertheless, there is a strong desire to actively participate in changing an improving this. Specifically, there is a strong appetite to beautify spaces through urban gardens, recycling, cleaning campaigns and murals.

This survey surfaced a sense of frustration with but also an understanding of the importance in responding to the significant increase in the number of peple living on the street in a constructive, human and innovative way.

Toilets, recycling bins and other facilities were supported so that public spaces regain a sense of safety and aesthetics.

Finally, given the character of our neighbourhood, there is a real desire to bring back to public space culture and support the local economy through art, fairs, markets and festivals.

You can read the summary report here:


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