What we’ve been up to in July 2022…

Working to make places for people

OBSID’s new five-year business plan term commenced on the 1st July 2022, we’re looking forward to being able to continue to deliver useful and relevant services to the community in the years to come.

We completed our annual financial audit as well as full year performance reviews for staff.  Our public safety partner, Securitas, delivered 3 new vehicles to the site as part of our new contract.

Read on to see in more detail what we’ve been up to:

Public safety:

Thefts recorded the highest number of incidents (49) broken down as follows –theft of motor vehicle (4), theft out of motor vehicle (11), general theft (17), attempted theft of motor vehicle (2), attempted theft out of motor vehicle (2), theft of car parts (11) and theft of motor cycle (2).

Other reported crimes were robberies / muggings (9), burglary (5), and trespass (1).

Highest incident periods: (28) incidents were reported as occurring during the week (Monday to Thursday) and (36) incidents over the weekend (Friday to Sunday).

Our proactive actions remain high – please help us prevent crimes from happening by being aware of your surroundings, by keeping doors and gates locked and not leaving items visible in your vehicles.


Urban management:

Another busy month!

In July 2022, we recorded 4628 collected bags, collected per sector as follows:

  • Sector 1 – 926

(Boundaries: Lower Collingwood Rd – Strubens Rd – Willow Rd – Mollenvliet Rd)

  • Sector 2 – 1053

(Boundaries: Station Rd – Florence Rd – LMR – Dane Str)

  • Sector 3 – 802

(Boundaries: Main Rd – Milton Rd – LMR)

  • Sector 4 – 547

(Boundaries: Main Rd – Rochester Rd – LMR)

  • Sector 5 – 876

(Boundaries: LMR – Lower Rochester Rd – Collingwood Rd)

  • Weekends – 424

Social development:

Due to The Rehoming Collective’s exit from management of the Obz Rainbow House, OBSID took the decision to assist 6 of our work-based rehabilitation clients to secure alternate accommodation.  They moved into their new home over the weekend of the 30th / 31st July 2022 and are settling in well.

We continue to offer daily outreach services to the street based community, however uptake of our offers of support is quite low – due in part to the generosity of the housed community creating a different form of dependence – a dependence on handouts.  We’ll keep trying and keep exploring opportunities to partner with development  organisations to offer support, services and encouragement.


We hope you enjoyed this update!  You’re welcome to get in touch with us if you have any questions, comments or compliments.  You can reach us on 021 448 7090 or info@obsid.org.za.


Our 24 hour control room number is 01 447 1066, or WhatsApp on 074 636 9933.


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