What’s been happening in our public spaces project?

We have recently communicated that the OBSID Board approved a public space projects policy which aims to enhance the value and use of public space through carefully considered and managed projects and activations that support OBSID’s work on cleaning and urban management, social issues and public safety and includes business / economic support, as well as arts, sports, heritage and culture.

We also administered a public survey which highlighted general impressions about the impact of Covid-19 on Obs’ public spaces and elicited input from residents about what they would want to see improve in the neighbourhood. A full report can be found here: https://obsid.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Public-spaces-survey-2020-summary-report-August-2020.pdf

The policy facilitated the creation of a working group. This group was selected through an open invitation to the public and on 30 September the group held its first introductory meeting via Zoom.

With the aim to invite further participation, a public call for ideas for public spaces was launched on September 17th. The call was circulated on social media, several WhatsApp groups and through word of mouth. We received eight submissions which ranged from tree planting to outdoor exercise equipment, group activities and new furniture for the Village Green to name just a few.

The next step in the process is for the working group to review proposals and to make a recommendation to the OBSID Board for consideration. It’s hoped that we’ll be able to communicate planned projects at the OBSID Annual General Meeting on 28 October with implementation and activations taking place throughout the second half of the year.

Make sure to confirm your attendance at our AGM – you’ll find all relevant documents here: https://obsid.org.za/agm-2020/

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