How to report noise complaints


Depending on the conditions attached to the licences that businesses obtain, they may (or may not) be licensed for live music. Enforcement / compliance of this is done via the City of Cape Town’s law enforcement division.

OBSID doesn’t have law enforcement powers, so whilst you can call our control room on 021 447 1066 (24 hours) and ask them to despatch a public safety officer to investigate and ask the venue to turn the noise down, we aren’t able to enforce bylaws or lodge complaints on your behalf.

We do have two law enforcement officers assigned to the Observatory area during the week. If they are on duty and the noise nuisance happens during their shift, they will be sent out to investigate should you call the control room.

For after-hours complaints, your proper recourse is to call the City of Cape Town’s Public Emergency Communications Centre on 107 and make a complaint – and get a reference number.

Resources allowing, a law enforcement vehicle / officer will be sent out to investigate and should get back in contact with you with feedback.

If the situation doesn’t improve, you can then ask to lodge a formal complaint, backed up by your giving a statement. Law enforcement will then start a process of investigating further, possibly resulting in the issuing of compliance notices and fines.