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Observatory Improvement District


OBSID is run by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is responsible for the day to day management of all operations of the OBSID in line with the City Council requirements. This includes the management of contracted service providers.

A Social Development Manager is responsible for engaging with vulnerable members of the community – offering information, referral, and support and case management – assisting them to access shelter beds, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes, in making application for SASSA grants and other documentation. Those in need are referred to medical facilities and counselling services at day hospitals and partner organisations.

Two Public Safety Managers deliver support and coordination to the outsourced public safety personnel, working on conjunction with a Contract Manager. Public safety efforts continue to contribute towards an overall decline in crime related incidents in Observatory. Our work is enabled in part by the contributions of residents who regularly report issues, observations and incidents to OBSID’s public safety team and assist in the prevention of crime as well as the apprehension of those allegedly involved.

An Urban Management team is responsible for litter removal, bin emptying and general weeding (by hand, as pesticides are not used in common areas) as well as the cleaning and maintenance of public spaces.

Operations support is provided by an Operations Coordinator.


Urban management (cleaning and greening):

  • Master Banda
  • Ibrahim Chiwaya
  • Hugh Chimwa
  • Raymond Duarte
  • Nicholas Jansen
  • Mickael Rabbaney
  • Jacques Weisner

Public safety:

  • Jason Hill
  • Wayne Roukema
  • Joe de Waal – Outershield Security Contract Manager

Social development:

  • Kenneth Roman

Management and operations:

  • Amanda Kirk