Social Development

Problems associated with homeless or displaced people are dealt with in a holistic way.

Our social development programme (in conjunction with Khulisa Streetscapes) offers information, referral, and support and case management to a large number of people.

We are partnering with Khulisa Streetscapes to offer a diversion programme to homeless on the streets of Observatory – offering a combination of counselling, group sessions and streetside support to a team who, in return, complete work assignments inside of the OBSID urban management programme.

In August 2020, this partnership expanded to include a supportive housing pilot programme, a combination of housing and services intended as a cost-effective way to help people live more stable, productive lives.

Applying “housing first” principles, this type of housing resource, offered with less stringent conditions regarding substance use or mental health treatment, has been shown to be an effective way of addressing homelessness.  Read our FAQ’s here:

We’ve also partnered with the Straatwerk Ophelp Projekte team – offering training in graffiti removal as well as earning opportunities to vulnerable (often homeless) individuals.

In partnership with Afrikaburn, we’ve installed 2 toilet units in the public spaces, for use by anyone who needs them.

We continue to refer individuals in need to medical facilities and counselling services at day hospitals and partner organisations.

OBSID continues to support and partner with various organisations who also offer services to the homeless in the area – including Loaves and Fishes Centre of Renewal, Breaking Bread, New Hope and Working Wednesdays (the Pasta Factory).

Useful resources in the area:

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Reproduced with permission from New Hope SA