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The Observatory Improvement District (OBSID) was officially ratified by Cape Town City council in July 2009 after the majority of property owners voted in favour of Observatory becoming a Special Rating Area (SRA) – also referred to as City Improvement Districts (CID’s). the OBSID includes both residential and commercial properties.

The term “city improvement district” (CID) refers to a specific geographical area, approved by the City Council in terms of the municipal Property Rates Act, Section 22 (Special Rates Area [SRA]), and the SRA bylaw, in which complementary top-up services are provided in addition to those rendered by the CID’s primary partners.

The OBSID’s primary partners are the City of Cape Town and the South African Police Service.

The OBSID offers top-up services as follows: safety and security / public safety, urban management and social development. OBSID also works on projects in support of business development as well as arts, heritage and culture.

A non-profit company, the OBSID operates with its own board of directors and liaises across both the public and private sectors, working together with each to develop, promote and manage the Cape Town Central City.

The Board of Directors is accountable to the community for good governance and to ensure that the levy collected from you as a ratepayer is spent wisely, in the best interest of Observatory and in line with the City’s SRA policy.

The Board of Directors provides strategic direction and prepares proposed budgets and plans for approval by the OBSID members at the OBSID annual general meeting (AGM). The AGM takes place in the last quarter of each calendar year.

The OBSID also undertakes projects intended to make Observatory smarter in the broadest sense of the word.

  • SRA By Law Amendment

  • CCT SRA Policy 2016/2017

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Mission Statement

We make sure that our programmes and services are developed and implemented in order to deliver
against our mission.

  • Develop and sustain a safer, cleaner and smarter public space throughout Observatory;
  • Nurture the unique ambience, charm and diversity of Observatory village as a meeting place of
    artists, intellectuals, professionals, workers, residents and visitors;
  • Contribute to a commercially attractive, artistically vibrant, ecologically sustainable and family-friendly
  • Foster cooperation between residents, ethical businesses, other stakeholders and the City.


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