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The Board of Directors is accountable to the community for good governance and to ensure that the levy collected from you as a ratepayer is spent wisely, in the best interest of Observatory and in line with the City’s SRA policy.

The Board of Directors provides strategic direction and prepares proposed budgets and plans for approval by the OBSID members at the OBSID annual general meeting (AGM). The AGM takes place in the last quarter of each calendar year.

  • BoD Code of Conduct

Previous Directors
& Positions

Werner Steyn
(Vice Chair)

Jeanine Schouw
(Vice Chair)

Graham Porter
(Vice Chair)

Gareth Leyman
(Vice Chair) 2009-2018

Steve Killick
(Safety & Security) 2017-2018

Katharine McKenzie
(Vice & Chair) 28-May-14 to 10-Dec-16

Matt Rich
11-Sep-2012 to 11-Aug-2016

Kim Whitaker
(Vice-chair), from 07-Feb-11

Jackie Kruijer
(Secretary),  05-Jul-10 to 28-May-14

Lauren le Roux
02-Aug-10 to 28-May-14

Emile Young
7-May-12 to 16-Oct-13

Kris Marais
(Chair) Sep-12 to 24-Apr-16
(and 12-Sep-09 to 07-Feb-11)

Brian Amery
29-Aug-08 to 1-Jul-12

David Raphael
29-Aug-08 to 01-Nov-10

Bovin MacNab
30-Aug-08 to 12-Sep-09

Paul Haupt
12-Sep-09 to 8-Mar-11

Jonathan Endersby
from 12-Sep-09 to 03-Mar-11

Peta Brom
12-Sep-09 to 01-Jul-10

Mike Vietri
12-Sep-09 to 03-Nov-11

Tauriq Jenkins
07-Feb-11 to 6-Sep-12

Thierry Luescher-Mamashela
12-Sep-09 to 8-May-12

Chris Parker
27-Feb-12 to 6-Sep-12

Lance Van Sittert
12-Sep-09 to 17-Nov-09

Joubert Rabie
from 12-Sep-09 to 02-Aug-10

Justin Ashley
(Chair and Vice-chair) 29-Aug-08 to 04-Jun-15

Pierre-Jacques Rabie
alternate, 27-Jan-14 to 04-Jun-15

Henk Stutterheim
16-Apr-15 to 24-Nov-15

Anthea Michaels
16-Oct-13 to 5-Feb-15

Nishendra Moodley

Board Chair

Nishendra works with the South African National Treasury’s City Support Programme, currently in the role of City Governance Specialist supporting all 8 metros in SA. He co-ordinates National Treasury’s oversight and support relationship with Cape Town.

He cut his teeth as a teenager in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a civic, environmental and political activist in the Durban South Basin, in the context of severe pollution and political violence.

Nishendra has lived in Observatory for 21 years. He was elected to the OBSID Board in December 2016 and as its chairperson in April 2017. Nishendra would like to improve the OBSID’s contribution to urban management in Observatory, through more creative strategies and partnerships, improved monitoring and evaluation and the strengthening of accountabilities internally and externally.

Justin Ashley

Acting Deputy Chair and Finance, HR and Administration Portfolio 

Justin spent 22 years in the field of computer training, the first 7 with a consultancy that allowed him to work internationally. After this he set up and ran his own online learning business with an international client base for 15 years.

Justin was part of the original team that formed OBSID and served as OBSID’s founding chairperson for 7 years.

He is now involved in the North Obs Biz Forum and is able to devote time to OBSID since winding down his business.

Justin is of the opinion that OBSID has a crucial role to play in ensuring that Observatory remains a diverse, interesting and progressive environment for all its residents.

Jodi Allemeier

Business Development Portfolio

Jodi is an urbanist who is passionate about collaborative approaches to a more inclusive and resilient Cape Town.  She currently works as a Programme Lead at the Western Cape Economic Development Partnership delivering partnering solutions to public sector led processes.

Jodi has been an advocate for well-located affordable housing in Cape Town for many years and has voluntarily facilitated civic dialogues in Woodstock and the inner city on this matter.

Jodi is a co-founder of Open Streets Cape Town and has served on various boards, including the South African Vegan Society (2009-2012), Open Streets Cape Town (2012-2016) and The Service Dining Rooms (2013-2016), and has served as an adviser to the Social Development Sub Committee of the Central City Improvement District (CCID).

She believes that objectives of social equity, environmental resilience and economic inclusion should guide collaborative community efforts for better neighbourhoods. She’s been an Observatory property owner since 2007.

Edwin Angless

Communications Portfolio

Edwin is a founding member of the Observatory Improvement District. He was born and raised in Pinelands, moved to Observatory in 1977, whilst a student at the University of Cape Town.

After a period in exile in Zimbabwe, he returned to Observatory in 2003, and has lived in the neighbourhood ever since. Edwin has initiated various projects in Observatory. As past chair of the Arts, Sports, Culture and Heritage portfolio he was instrumental in bringing the highly successful and popular Open Streets events to Observatory and as an enthusiastic “burner” facilitated the first Streetopia event.

A lifelong social activist and filmmaker, Edwin would like to see his “Living History of Observatory” project grow into an interactive experience that enables an inclusive neighbourhood and makes Observatory a sharing, caring, safer, smarter, greener suburb.

Carolyn Neville

Social Development Portfolio

Carolyn has been a resident of Observatory for four years. She moved to Observatory because of its vibrant and diverse community.

Carolyn has been a previous chair of the Observatory Civic Association (OCA). She is particularly interested in social issues in the community and is a strong believer in transparency, honesty and good governance.

Carolyn believes that a safe and clean environment is the best way for OBSID to support the flourishing of the Observatory community.

Professionally, she operates a company that trains staff in the hospitality industry, and works throughout Africa.

Trevor Hughes

Public Spaces Portfolio

Trevor has lived and worked in Observatory since 1997. Trevor owns the Wild Fig restaurant.

Trevor has been an active member of many community organisations based in and around Observatory, including the Observatory Civic Association (OCA) where he was Chair for three years and the Observatory Neighbourhood Watch (ONW) where he was the caretaker Chair for a few months.

He has been involved in the Two Rivers Urban Park Association (TRUPA) and The Friends of the Liesbeek (FOL) where he was Chair for two years.

Trevor is interested in environmental and social issues, arts culture and heritage, and good governance.

Claire Everatt

Public Spaces Portfolio

Claire has been a homeowner in Observatory since 1997 having moved to South Africa from the UK 3 years earlier. She is married with 2 sons.

Claire previously served on the Observatory CPF sub forum and is also actively involved with the admin of the WhatsApp groups in Lower Observatory as well as the ONW. She believes that one of Observatory’s greatest strengths is the enthusiasm of its community and would like to explore how this could be further harnessed for the improvement of all.

Claire is a Chartered Surveyor specializing in the valuation of commercial property and is passionate about the interaction of community and the built environment. She has experience in a wide range of property environments for a diverse range of clients, including parastatals and property funds. Claire holds professional memberships, has held a Chairperson role at an industry body and both lectures and serves as an external examiner.

Tom Figl

Public Safety Portfolio

Tom is both a property and business owner in Observatory. The son of Austrian immigrants to South Africa, he was born and schooled in Cape Town and is married with two daughters. Tom lives in Bloubergstrand.

He has owned and managed various businesses in Austria, Spain, the UK and Germany. At present he is partner and director of Transvaal Laminates (Pty) Ltd t/a Reliance Clothing and Rotex Fabrics (Pty) Ltd, a textile and clothing manufacturer with its head office in Observatory. The business employs approximately 120 people. Additionally, Tom is a partner at Heron Square No1, a business which renovates, develops and leases out commercial and residential property mainly in Observatory.

Tom is a founding member of the North Obs Business Forum, which was responsible for planting 20 trees around Lower Main Road, Stanley, Speke and Lower Scott Road. He is passionate about improving the safety, security and appearance of Observatory in general, and over the last seven years has improved, with his team, 15 buildings in Observatory.

Tauriq Jenkins


Tauriq has served as a Director of the Observatory Improvement District, and as recent Chair of the Observatory Civic Association. He is an EXCO member of the Two Rivers Urban Park Association (TRUPA).

Interested in bringing the community together, he organised the Observatory Documentary Film Festival in 2010, and formed the Observatory Chess Club in 2012.

He is the founding and artistic director of the Independent Theatre Movement of South Africa, and Shakespeare in Prison project in South Africa. He is a past Chair of the Performing Arts Network of South Africa (PANSA – WC), and the Southern African Theatre Initiative.