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Contact Details

OBSID Security Control Room (24 hours)

021 447 1066

CCT General Emergency Services

107 (landline) / 112 (mobile)

Woodstock Police Station

021 442 3117/00/21

Salt River Fire Station

021 444 0830

What is OBSID?

Working in the public spaces of Observatory, we provide a public safety service, cleaning and greening services on the streets and in the parks, as well as outreach services to the homeless and other vulnerable community members.  We’re also gearing up to develop and implement projects focused on business development, arts, heritage and culture.

We’re a city improvement district (special rating area), funded by property owners in a defined residential and commercial area of Observatory. Governed by the Municipal Property Rates Act and relevant bylaws, we focus on providing top-up services to those delivered by the City of Cape Town.   

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Welcome to OBSID!
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Mission Statement

We make sure that our programmes and services are developed and implemented in order to deliver against our mission.

The Benefits

Foremost is creating a suburb where residents feel safe in their homes and on their streets.

Responsible Giving

If you’re going to give to the needy, do it in a way that makes a positive difference.

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Welcome to Observatory, we hope you enjoy your stay!
News & Updates

Public spaces – it’s time to share those ideas!

We’ve continued developing our approach to and plans for public spaces projects after the recent survey results were published. The OBSID Board have signed off on a public spaces projects policy, providing the organisation with a framework to: Define the scope of public space interventions as per OBSID’S mission and core functionalities; Outline a process …

Talking about public spaces in Observatory – your views

Our thanks to everyone who participated in the online survey about public space in Obs. We’ve summarised the information collected in the infographics below.  We’re still collating feedback from businesses and people living on the streets in order to complete a final report. Special thanks to the Obs Civic Association for their support and help …

OBSID updates

August 2020 projects and programme update

Whilst continuing to deliver our normal services during the pandemic, we’ve also used this time to conceptualise, design and implement new projects as well as expansions of our existing programmes. Enjoy this update – please complete the survey, download the Buzzer app and donate to the Khulisa Streetscapes Supportive Housing Project if you can. You’ll …

Streetscapes and OBSID – partnering on supportive housing

Khulisa Streetscapes will be piloting a supportive housing model for people living on the streets.  OBSID has come on board as a start up funding partner, allowing for an expansion of our current partnership with Streetscapes, who have been funded by OBSID and offering social development services and sheltered work opportunities to people living on …