Contact Details

OBSID Security Control Room (24 hours)

021 447 1066

CCT General Emergency Services

107 (landline) / 112 (mobile)

Woodstock Police Station

021 442 3117/00/21

Salt River Fire Station

021 444 0830

Welcome to OBSID!
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Mission Statement

We make sure that our programmes and services are developed and implemented in order to deliver against our mission.

The Benefits

Foremost is creating a suburb where residents feel safe in their homes and on their streets.

Responsible Giving

If you’re going to give to the needy, do it in a way that makes a positive difference.

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Welcome to Observatory, we hope you enjoy your stay!
News & Updates

Tell us what you think about public spaces in Observatory

The OBSID is developing a public spaces plan – and we want to hear from you. Please take some time to complete our online survey – you stand to win a voucher!


Notice is hereby given of the 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Observatory Improvement District NPC. The AGM will take place on Saturday the 24th November 2018 at 10h30 at the Woolworths Financial Services…

Activities & Events

OBSID supporting Open Streets during Transport Month

OBSID, with the support of PPA and BEN Bikes, hosted a “bike bus stop” hub each Friday morning during October 2018 along the Open Streets Bike2Work “bike bus” route.

Streetopia 2018

Sat, 1 December – 10h00 to 18h00 – Obs’s own community festival