Feedback from the OBSID Annual General Meeting

OBSID held its Annual General Meeting on the 5th of December 2018 (Click here to download the OBSID Annual Review) providing members and other interested parties the opportunity to gain insight into the prior year’s activities, an update on the current year’s priorities and an overview of plans and budgets for the upcoming 2019/20 financial year.

At the meeting, the OBSID said goodbye to two Directors – Steve Killick and Gareth Leyman – and welcomed two new Directors to the Board – Tom Figl and Claire Everatt. Their biographies are listed here (Board of Directors). We look forward to their contributions to the ongoing strengthening of the OBSID’s programmes, services, and future plans.

The OBSID is in good standing with its corporate governance, accounting and reporting to the City of Cape Town on both finances and performance.

The OBSID’s financial performance is healthy, with significant savings being realised in the prior year on operating expenditure, as well as surplus funds that are invested and unspent. These surplus funds are responsibly and productively saved until the OBSID is ready to spend them.

The OBSID is committed to redirecting these savings to improve service levels on core programmes (cleaning, public safety and social development) and to fund new projects. An overview of planned projects for the current year is detailed below.

We look forward to getting the community involved in many of the projects outlined above, a ND to sharing activation success stories via our various communication channels in the months ahead.

From Nishendra Moodley, OBSID Board Chair:

“I would like to thank the Board for making my job easier by working effectively in an efficient and united way in guiding and overseeing OBSID’s work. I would like to thank Amanda Kirk, the new CEO, for bringing new energy to the role and improving the way OBSID works internally, with a governance board, with City of Cape Town officials and with other stakeholders. Many thanks to OBSID managers, staff and service providers for the important contributions they make every day.”


At the first Board meeting of 2019 (held on 28th January 2019), the following portfolio allocations were confirmed for Board members:

  • Nishendra Moodley – re-elected as Board Chair for a further year;
  • Justin Ashley – elected as interim vice Chair, retains the finance, administration and HR portfolio;
  • Jodi Allemeier – business development portfolio;
  • Edwin Angless – retains the communications portfolio;
  • Tauriq Jenkins – retains the ASHCOM portfolio;
  • Carolyn Neville – retains the social development portfolio.
  • Claire Everatt and Trevor Hughes – public spaces portfolio (cleaning, greening, urban management and environment)
  • Tom Figl – public safety

Please contact Amanda Kirk on for further information.