OBSID contracts new public safety service provider Securitas

The Observatory Improvement District (OBSID) and Securitas have enjoyed a successful start to the contract for provision of public safety services to the Observatory community.

OBSID appointed Securitas with effect from 1st June 2019 after completing an in-depth supplier evaluation process. Securitas provide services to a number of Improvement Districts and previously listed OBSID amongst their clients. “Both parties have deepened their understanding of the specific needs of Observatory since Securitas last provided services to the SRA and we’re excited for this new partnership,” said the OBSID CEO, Amanda Kirk.

“This is a stand-alone contract, with dedicated contract management, vehicles and staffing – whilst giving us access to a wide network of support as needed when incidents occur.”

Throughout the term of the previous contract with Outershield Security Solutions (OSS), the OBSID gained a deeper understanding and level of competency as regards what is required to manage a consistent, effective, intelligent public safety service and we’ll be applying these learnings to the new relationship with Securitas.

“We have negotiated a stringent performance evaluation and review process with Securitas for the first year of the contract so as to ensure that our expectations are consistently met as well as ensuring appropriate transparency as regards remuneration practices,” said Amanda.

The service has been operating from OBSID’s new premises. Telephonic communications (on the 24 hour control room number) and WhatsApp communications have continued without interruption. Securitas also brings new technology to Observatory via the digitising of public safety officers, enabling them to gather real time information, then upload it to a database for trend analysis. This will facilitate weekly tactical deployment changes to ensure that the resources are deployed in the right places at the right times as visible crime disruptors.

“The radio network shared with the Observatory Neighbourhood Watch (ONW) has been handed back to the Neighbourhood Watch. The OBSID has moved onto the Securitas digital radio network, enabling LPR (License Plate Recognition) alerts to be fully integrated into public safety communications for quicker, more effective responses. The ONW radio network has a direct radio link to the control room to continue to allow real time reporting from ONW members with radios,” said Amanda.

On behalf of the OBSID, Amanda expressed gratitude to Preston Perumal and his OSS team for their support to the OBSID and the wider community since they took on the contract early in 2017. Both parties learnt valuable lessons from the engagement experience, which will serve them well in the future.

For more information please contact: Amanda Kirk, Chief Executive Officer, Observatory Improvement District (OBSID), 021 448 7090, amanda@obsid.org.za

24 hour control room – incident reporting: (021) 447 1066