OBSID is partnering with Open Streets to reimagine the Village Green


Open Streets Cape Town has been appointed by the OBSID Board to undertake a feasibility study with regards the potential and opportunities possible on and around the space known as The Village Green during the next few months.

This follows on from an initial survey and study undertaken in the community last year to understand the needs and imaginings of people who love, live in and move through our neighbourhood.

We are glad to work in collaboration with Open Streets with their people-first approach to the transformation of public space. This is in line with the OBSID policy for public space intervention and aligned with the identity and community-care approach we see with Observatory residents as a whole.

The Village Green Feasibility Study comprises three components: research, community engagement and conversation and urban planning consideration with regards to current possibilities and restrictions.

This study looks to creatively understand the thoughts and opinions of those who use and would like to use this space in order to equip OBSID to plan and activate future projects for this this precinct in a way that is possible, sustainable and inclusive.

Open Streets Cape Town is looking forward to drawing the neighbourhood into conversations about public space, public life, and what is possible on The Village Green in particular.

If you would like to know more about the project or would like to contribute in a particular way, please feel free to contact info@openstreets.co.za.

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