Our work in the public spaces…

OBSID provides top up cleaning services over and above  the City cleaning services, focusing on litter, graffiti, dumping and illegal posters/signage.  Our partners – Green4Life Gardeners and Straatwerk -assist us in delivering these work programmes, with support from our social development pilot programme – Streetscapes.

The OBSID cleaning and urban management operations have delivered a consistent cleaning service 7 days a week over the past year, with visible improvement to the  general cleanliness of the area.

The cleaning team are also vigilant in reporting faults and incidents for further action.

The biggest challenges we continue to face are opportunistic dumping by residents and bin scratching as well as ongoing graffiti tagging throughout Observatory, especially in the railway subways.

OBSID and Afrikaburn partnered to install two public toilet units as a pilot project in September 2019, to improve sanitation issues in public spaces.

OBSID is providing 7 day a week cleaning services for the toilets and is covering the cost of pumping, refilling and sanitation.

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